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Pyrasied has been in the plastics business for over 40 years. As a result, we have built a huge network of premium plastics suppliers. So for anyone looking for unique and dazzling materials, we have an incredibly wide range to choose from. Browse our brands and select from among the very best plastics the world has to offer.


Marlan is Cradle-to-Cradle certified. The materials can be recycled infinitely. The production facility is located in the Netherlands, which means that the materials don’t have to undergo a long journey from the production facility to Pyrasied.


Hesaglas is extremely thin cast acrylic with virtually no thickness tolerance. This precision acrylic is used in applications such as watch glass, monitors and optical filters.

Green Cast

The Green Cast brand supplies the most eco-friendly acrylic you can find. This recyclable acrylic can be used an infinite number of times, making it fully circular.


The global material-independent brand that helps you realize your dreams and achieve your ambitions. Versato will make everything to custom specifications if required and can also develop new materials with and for you.


Control over light. And thereby control over projects, spaces, objects, ambitions, and feasibility. Suprolux makes visible what you, as R&D professionals, have in mind.


The Exolon brand offers a great range of polycarbonate material with exceptionally high impact resistance. It is much stronger and lighter than glass, and is unbreakable.


The Ecocrylic brand offers you recycled extruded acrylic sheets made entirely out of pre- and post-consumer acrylic. This circular material has a long lifespan.


Durat is made by designers for designers. Durat is Europe’s first solid surface that is made partly from recycled material. The subtly sparkling colour speckles are made from natural mineral pigments.


Astariglas is our premium brand of cast acrylic. This material has an extremely high level of optical purity, making it suitable for use as a light guide plate.

Arla Plast

Arla Plast is a leading manufacturer with no less than three production facilities. In those facilities, they do everything they can to reduce the company’s climate impact.


This American brand produces perfect panels to customer specifications. Rather than being taken from stock, these panels are usually manufactured especially for you.


When you think of acrylic, the name PLEXIGLAS quickly comes to mind, and that’s no coincidence. PLEXIGLAS has made a name for itself in applications that make life easier and safer.


Plasticiet is a Dutch manufacturer that takes plastic waste, such as discarded food trays, refrigerators and old chocolate moulds, and presses it into new design sheets. Each type is unique and there are no repeating patterns.


Bencore panels are lightweight, strong and rigid. A unique feature of Bencore composite sheets is the dynamic way the core interacts with light.

Smile Plastics

Discover the beautiful and unique Smile Plastics collection made from 100% plastic waste such as PET plastic bottles, chopping boards and packaging material. Each sheet is unique and has its own design.

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