Achieve boundless creativity with Versato’s infinite options

Versato stands for visualising, shaping and uniting. This brand offers virtually limitless creative options that are globally accessible to professionals seeking to realize something unique and of the highest possible quality.

  • Premium quality
  • High aesthetic value
  • Unique concept samples achievable
  • Custom options, including specials in small production runs
  • Data sheets and certification included




Because of the limitless creative applications, working with Versato always feels like play.

Choose from the collections of today and the future Versato comprises six collections: Myst, Crystal, New Colours, Translucent Stone, Structures and Inlays.


  • Misty effect
  • Interacts enchantingly with light
  • Customization possible

Create a mysterious, subtle and radiant mood with the Myst collection. The collection consists of 25 different colours but we can arrange for others to be used in production. The colour possibilities are endless.


  • Subtle and soft
  • Unique edges
  • Customization possible

When you look through the plate, you notice light shades of colour, but as your gaze moves towards the edges, the depth of the colour intensifies. This creates smooth lines. The colours in the Crystal collection are of a subtle and soft nature.

New Colours

  • Impressively intense colours
  • Warm tones
  • Unique combination of colour in the central area of the plate and at its edges

The New Colours collection features no fewer than 22 brilliant colours. The colours are warm in character. The colour gradient effect of the design gives a depth of colour that cannot be matched by any other material. The 15 mm thickness of the material makes it strong enough for use in a multitude of structural applications. A building block for your design.

Translucent Stone

  • Unique appearance and beauty
  • Stunning interaction with light
  • Chemical resistance & fire-rated

The Translucent Stone collection has a unique appearance and beauty evoking the look & feel of alabaster, marble or onyx. Lighter than natural stone and interacts beautifully with light. Perfect for warm and timeless designs for any interior. The composition of materials used to create Translucent Stone means that despite its thickness of 10 mm, it can be used with lighting to create beautiful effects. The thickness of the material means it is less vulnerable than natural stone and the possibilities are endless.


  • Playful design
  • Creates the illusion of movement
  • Gloss and matte finish

The Structures collection comprises playful designs with a dynamic effect. Looking at the plate from different angles creates the illusion of something moving within it. The plates can be supplied with gloss and matte finishes.


  • Decorative design
  • Stunning interaction with light
  • Each sheet is unique

The Inlays collection comprises decorative designs that interact beautifully with light. The plates are easy to work with, and each one is unique.

The Versato mission

To give free rein to your infinite imagination: that is the Versato mission in a nutshell. That means you can count on materials that allow you to unify, shape and express your ideas and wishes. While the basic Versato product range is already extensive and diverse, it is always under development. The brand is at the forefront of and immersed in the very latest developments when it comes to material innovations and applications. Versato takes new insights and uses them to expand this dynamic range of exciting products.

The Versato vision

Cutting-edge technological developments mean that both the choice of material types and their potential uses are only set to increase. There is an increasing emphasis on the recycling of materials, and thus cradle-to-cradle design – a development in which Versato intends to take a leading role. However, shape, colour, light and imagination will always continue to dictate the design of the world we live in.



To view and feel the material, simply request a sample.

Versato unifies, shapes and expresses ideas

Because every professional, all over the world, should have access to Versato’s materials and services, accessible is one of the brand’s core values. The other two core values are playful and versatile. ‘Playful’ refers to the openness and curiosity that are the main sources of limitless creativity. ‘Versatile’ refers to the fact that Versato aims to give free rein to the creativity of professionals in any way it can. With Versato, you can create unification, design without limits and express all your ideas.

Custom options

Versato is happy to help you bring your ideas to fruition at the highest possible quality. This also applies both to serial and small-scale production runs, including one-off projects. Pyrasied has the expertise to carry out your wishes and processing operations using Versato materials.

Unique concept samples

You can also come to Pyrasied for unique samples. Custom-made samples give you an immediate impression of how your projects will look, and can save you a lot of time and money for larger projects. Either way, we will send you samples precisely according to your specifications. There are also virtually no limitations in this regard: Versato and Pyrasied can even help you create entirely new material compositions. Feel free to enquire about all the options!

Would you like to know more about custom options? Please contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

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