Highlights of Design District 2024

Design District, the annual trade fair for interior design, has come to an end. From Wednesday, May 29th to Friday, May 31st, the iconic Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam was transformed into the ultimate hotspot for professionals in the interior design industry. The event attracted a total of 7,184 visitors. Pyrasied was present to discover the latest trends and innovations in interior and design. In this blog, we share the highlights of Design District 2024.

Vibrant colours

Colour has a direct impact on our mood and energy levels. Choosing vibrant colours and bold patterns brings your interior to life and creates a positive, energetic atmosphere. This was evident at the fair, where many brands stood out with fresh and vivid colours. Retro colours like neon pink and bright yellow were particularly eye-catching. Where just a few years ago, bright colours were sparingly used, now there is a trend towards using a lot of colour throughout the entire interior—from floors and walls to furniture and accessories.

Harvink stand op Design District 2024.
Satelliet stand op Design District 2024. Knal kleuren is een trend bij Design District 2024.

Let’s make a colourful ensemble!

Round shapes

Designers experimented with various patterns and playful shapes, giving each object a unique character. Round and organic forms were among the highlights of Design District 2024 and were prominently featured in various designs, including lamps, ottomans, and even in the form of round wall-mounted music speakers.

ronde vormen werden benadrukt op Design District 2024.
Coat 14 stand op Design District 2024.
Coat 14
Outil.li_ stand op Design District 2024.

Material combinations

Design District 2024 once again emphasized sustainable, recycled materials as the basis for furniture, fabrics, wall panels, and acoustic solutions. The standout feature was the combination of different materials. Natural materials such as wood, wool, and felt were frequently combined with synthetic materials like acrylic and recycled plastic, creating a sense of warmth and authenticity.

Bogaerts stand op Material district 2024.

Acoustic solutions

Sound-absorbing panels and partition walls were showcased at various stands during Design District. Innovations extended beyond wall panels; sound-absorbing elements integrated into items such as lamps contributed to a calm and serene environment. A standout was Cascando’s booth, where beautiful workspaces efficiently combined functionality with colourful, stylish materials.

Cascando stand op Design District 2024.


Pyrasied’s materials were also spotted at Design District 2024

Various designers incorporated Pyrasied materials into their creations at Design District. Below are some notable examples:

Tonone – Green Cast fluor

The new Tonone Bridge lamp is made from Green Cast, 100% recycled acrylic. The colours create a fluorescent effect, while the edges of the orange, white, or yellow acrylic give a neon light effect.

Tonone stand op Design District 2024!
Tonone bridge lamp
Tonone bridge

Lumenear – Light diffusers

Lumenear combines sound-absorbing design lamps in its range, seamlessly merging visual and auditory experiences. Many of the designs are made from Pyrasied light diffusers.

Lumenear stand op Design District 2024.

Cascando Design – Green Cast

During the last edition of Design District, Cascando celebrated 25 years of innovation and introduced new additions to the popular Pully series. Cascando frequently uses Green Cast in their designs alongside other materials.

Cascando heeft Green Cast groen van Pyrasied gebruikt op hun stand op Design District 2024.
Cascando – Green Cast groen

Bogaerts – Smile Plastics Heron

Bogaerts designs and manufactures furniture and lighting for various interiors, including corporate, educational, and hospitality environments. At Design District, Bogaerts presented the Mohs chair and the Butler tables, made from Smile Plastics, recycled sheets made from plastic waste.

Bogaerts stand op Design District 2024.
Bogaerts stand
Tafel gemaakt van Smile Plastics Heron voor Bogaert stand op Design District 2024.
Smile Plastics Heron tafel – Bogaerts

Lartura – Satinglas

Lartura is a leading design studio building on the rich Dutch design tradition, based in Almere. They specialize in creating, producing, and delivering high-quality design lamps and innovative lighting solutions that enrich both residential and business interiors. During Design District, they presented several striking lamp designs, including the impressive Domea, made with high-quality Green Cast acrylic.

Lartura stond op Design District 2024. Lartura heeft onder andere de Domia-lamp gepresenteerd. De Domia is gemaakt van Satinglas van Pyrasied.

Domea lamp – Lartura stand

Design District 2024 has once again inspired us with innovative and creative interior trends. We look forward to seeing these trends reflected in future interior projects.

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