Sustainability means durability

Pyrasied sees the application of sustainable business practices as the only way to operate. In our view, there is only one road leading to a sustainable future, and that is the one involving circular production. We therefore have an effective recycling service and offer sustainable alternatives in an increasing number of product groups. Our ultimate aim is to offer a completely sustainable product range. And we are already well on the way!

Our love of materials also embraces their sustainable aspects. Take acrylic for example. Many objects that we made when we started out more than 40 years ago are still in excellent condition. At its core, the material is durable because it has a long lifespan and keeps its appearance for a long time. The fact that this acrylic can even now be fully recycled, making it suitable as the basis for new projects, means it is even more sustainable.

Recycling service

We believe it is crucial for us to complete acrylic’s circle of life. Consequently, we offer our customers the opportunity to recycle any acrylic residue through us. By offering this recycling service, we can guarantee the circularity of acrylic in the Netherlands. Together we can close the circle.

Collection of eco-friendly materials

Out of respect for our living surroundings, at Pyrasied we work constantly toward expanding our collection of eco-friendly materials. We can now offer an environmentally-friendly alternative in all of our key product groups. The recycle logo shows at a glance the extent to which a material is  sustainable.


What we do and don’t do in the context of sustainability

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A selection from our collection of sustainable brands

Green Cast

The Green Cast brand supplies the most eco-friendly acrylic you can find. This recyclable acrylic can be used an infinite number of times, making it fully circular.


The Ecocrylic brand offers you recycled extruded acrylic sheets made entirely out of pre- and post-consumer acrylic. This circular material has a long lifespan.


Durat is made by designers for designers. Durat is Europe’s first solid surface that is made partly from recycled material. The subtly sparkling colour speckles are made from natural mineral pigments.


Plasticiet is a Dutch manufacturer that takes plastic waste, such as discarded food trays, refrigerators and old chocolate moulds, and presses it into new design sheets. Each type is unique and there are no repeating patterns.

Smile Plastics

Discover the beautiful and unique Smile Plastics collection made from 100% plastic waste such as PET plastic bottles, chopping boards and packaging material. Each sheet is unique and has its own design.

Looking for unique materials?

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Waste Plastics

Waste Plastics: A Sustainable Revolution