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The impressive and unique Plasticiet designs are made entirely in the Netherlands. The collection is made out of plastic waste such as food trays, refrigerators, old chocolate moulds and post-production residue. This brand turns discarded material into unique designs. No two sheets are the same. It therefore makes sense that this gorgeous Plasticiet material is often used in design applications in areas such as hospitality and retail. Plasticiet comprises five designs consisting of two types of material: polystyrene and polycarbonate.

  • 100% Dutch product made in Rotterdam
  • Made from plastic waste
  • Unique designs
  • Each panel handmade
  • The material is infinitely recyclable


Each Plasticiet panel is unique; there are no repeated patterns.

After use, the entire collection can be completely recycled and used to make new sheet material.

The five stunning Plasticiet designs Plasticiet offers you the choice of five different types consisting of polystyrene (HPDE/LDPE) or polycarbonate.

Rhinestone white & black – Polystyrene

  • Made from Dutch post-production residue and refrigerators
  • Scratch-resistant and UV stable
  • Colourful design

Rhinestone is available in the basic colours white and black. The muted base colour is livened up with coloured flecks. The size of the coloured flecks varies from plate to plate, yielding an exciting result. Polystyrene sheets are suitable for a wide range of applications. Rhinestone may have more blemishes than other types, such as air bubbles or small dents. This distressed look adds to Rhinestone’s character.

Ivory – Polystyrene

  • Made from old refrigerators
  • Scratch-resistant and recyclable
  • Trendy terrazzo look

Ivory is made out of waste from refrigerators. From cool goods to cool design! Ivory has a wonderful terrazzo look that makes it very trendy. The basic colour is white (faux ivory), speckled with coloured chips. The material is harder than real ivory and has excellent structural characteristics.

Chocolate Factory – Polycarbonate

  • Made out of old moulds from a chocolate factory
  • Cheerful and colourful design
  • Scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and UV-resistant

As the name suggests, Chocolate Factory is made from old chocolate moulds. Food-safety regulations dictate that chocolate moulds may only be used a certain number of times. What’s more, a mould that has been used a lot becomes worn, so the details on the finished product become less well-defined than the confectioner or chocolate maker wants. These moulds are therefore discarded. What a waste! Fortunately, they get recycled to create this stunning sheet material. Its favourable flammability characteristics mean this material may be used in public spaces.

Black Rock – Polystyrene

  • Made from Dutch post-production residue and refrigerators
  • Scratch-resistant and impact-resistant
  • Rugged and strong material

Black Rock is a super-cool, deep black plate with white flecks. This timeless design goes well with other materials, making the plates highly suitable for use as wall cladding or tabletops. Black Rock gets its name from the fact that it is rock hard.

Blizzard – Polystyrene

  • Made from Dutch post-production residue and refrigerators
  • Scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and slightly bendable
  • Infinitely recyclable

Blizzard is mainly white with black speckles and the occasional surprising fleck of colour. This material is made out of waste from refrigerators and post-production residue. Blizzard is scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and slightly bendable, making it the ideal choice for design applications in the hospitality and retail branches.


The Plasticiet brand gives waste a second life, is a circular material and is produced locally in Rotterdam by two designers. All types are made from waste and each design is handmade from a different waste stream. Three of the five designs even combine multiple waste streams. After use, the plates can be shredded and serve again as raw material for new sheet material. There is no waste as the material can be infinitely recycled.

Delivery options

Pyrasied stocks all five designs in the Plasticiet collection as standard. The available thickness is 10 mm. The plates have a thickness tolerance of +/- 1 mm. The plate material is available up to a size of 800 x 800 mm. Only full Plasticiet plates can be ordered from Pyrasied, but we can cut the plates into smaller sizes if required. We will deliver the residual waste with your order. Pyrasied can also process the panels to create the finished product.

To view and feel the material, simply request a sample.

Processing options

Plasticiet panels can easily be processed with woodworking tools, for example. As such, you can saw, mill, drill and sand the material. We recommend using sharp tools! With Chocolate Factory, we advise setting the tools to a low rotation speed and using high rotation speeds for the other types. For horizontal applications such as tables and shelves, it is wise to use a structural base as the material is prone to bending. Scratches can be sanded and buffed out. Pyrasied can perform these processes for you or advise and/or support you in this area.


Plasticiet plates require little maintenance. Dirt and stains can easily be removed with a mild detergent and warm water. The material is quite soft, so do not use any cleaning agents that contain alcohol. Scratches in the material can be removed by light sanding with 180-grit sandpaper. Chocolate Factory can be sanded with 150-grit sandpaper.

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