Durat is the logical choice for anyone combining a distinctive look with sustainability and easy maintenance.

Durat is the Finnish supplier of terrazzo solid surface materials bearing the name Durat Palace and Durat Colours. During product development, the guiding principle has always been to reduce plastic waste on landfill sites. This gives Durat an inherently sustainable character.  

  • Made using 30% recycled acrylic and 100% recyclable
  • Low maintenance
  • Food safe
  • Can be seamlessly bonded
  • Suitable for public spaces.


The ultimate combination of looks and sustainability

If you value sustainability, ease of maintenance and eco-friendliness alongside a distinctive appearance, then we recommend opting for Durat.

Durat offers you two stunning collections

Durat Colours

  • Over 300 designs available
  • Choice of seven textures
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals

The Colours collection is based around RAL colours. The granules are very small and subtle. Despite their subtle format and coloured accents, the speckles create the illusion of depth. The speckles can be created in different sizes, allowing you to adapt the colour and details in the plate to suit your design.

Durat Palace

  • Terrazzo look
  • UV-resistant
  • Food safe

Durat Palace is a terrazzo solid surface material containing 30% recycled acrylic waste and natural pigments. This colour collection came about when the designer duo Kaori Pi and Geert Decock of design firm MOST Collective discovered the Finnish solid surface brand Durat. The vibrancy of the sheet and its sustainable nature appealed to them in particular. They worked together to create the material’s stunning looks.

The collection incorporates Dutch influences in the form of mineral pigments made in a Dutch paint mill. Pigments from the same mill were once used by Dutch masters such as Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt.

The sparkling colours of Durat Palace

At the core of Durat Palace are the subtly sparkling, coloured granules made from natural mineral pigments. These pigments are produced in a Dutch colour factory that was founded in the 17th century where it was housed in an old windmill. This collection consists of 12 different terrazzo colour combinations. The Durat Palace collection was designed by designers for designers. The material is already considered to represent the future of eco-luxury!

The promising properties of Durat

Durat is hard-wearing, food safe, UV-stable and very easy to maintain. Durat does not release harmful chemical emissions and is suitable for a wide variety of sustainable applications. It has been safety-tested for use with food and meets the criteria for M1 classifications of low-emission construction products.

The material surface facilitates many applications

The material is supplied without a polished surface as standard, giving it a rather dull, matte finish. Finishing is always required to achieve a beautiful, glossy, polished surface. The reason Durat is supplied without a polished surface as standard is that the material often needs to be processed on-site. Once polished, Durat has a silky surface. This means the material is very soft and warm to the touch. It is therefore suitable for kitchen worktops, sanitary applications and counters.

To view and feel the material, simply request a sample.

Delivery options for the Durat Palace collection

With Pyrasied being the official Durat distributor for the Netherlands, we can deliver the material quickly. The material is manufactured to order with a delivery time of six to eight weeks, depending on the size of the project. The Palace collection is available in thicknesses of 9 and 12 mm and the maximum plate size is 2900 x 800 mm. The recycled plastic speckles in the material give the material its characteristic terrazzo look. The material is supplied without a polished surface as standard, and polishing is required to give it a beautiful, glossy and finished appearance.

Custom manufacture

If you want a non-standard colour or thickness, then we can easily arrange for this to be made. Durat offers the option of manufacturing the plate material to your own specifications.

Durat processing options

Durat material can easily be machined with standard woodworking tools. It can be sawn, milled, drilled, polished, sanded and bonded. The material can be processed by Pyrasied as well as by interior designers and kitchen or bathroom specialists. Although the material cannot be bent, it can be seamlessly bonded.

We can discuss projects with you, provide technical advice, send you samples and process the plate material for you; whatever you want.

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