Design and create the wow factor with our new flagship store in the heart of Madrid

Beauty theme park

With Planet Skin, Wanna achieved much more than just the desired wow effect. As Laureano Turienzo Esteban (CEO of the Spanish Retail Association) put it, ‘It has become a sort of beauty theme park […] a canvas painted by the hands of many artists […] Wanna has broken all scripts, rules, dogmas to create a unique store that banishes boredom.’


Wanna was commissioned to create a new flagship store for Perfumerías Primor, in Plaza del Callao, Madrid. Developing a flagship store with a floor space in excess of 1500 square metres is no easy task. ‘The client’s briefing was clear. They wanted a flagship store with a “wow” effect. We decided to break through all the boring stereotypes and rules of the retail business,’ says Cathy Figueiredo, Co-founder of Wanna.

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Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

Big Idea

Wanna’s big idea was highly original and bold: ‘We are building Primor’s brand story around something that unites us all and makes everyone unique; skin, with all its differences and peculiarities.’


To show all the aspects of skin, it was necessary to create different spaces, which meant using different materials. Wanna opted for acrylic and design plastics in a variety of thicknesses, colours and surfaces. The materials used had to meet the criteria set out in Spanish retail regulations, including fire safety requirements. The Wanna team also needed to be able to easily process the selected materials themselves.

Materials mix

New Colours 12906 BS – raspberry pink satin – 15 mm, 16909 light brown – 15 mm.  Kaos 3D – back: Mirror pink/front: clear. Metallic: 78270 powder pink, 78273 violet purple. Satin glass 51238 pink, Myst 25902 pink orange – 8 mm, 22906 raspberry pink – 8 mm. Mirror 107 silver – 3 mm, 052 pink – 3 mm, 028 amber – 3 mm. PC UV – Smoke bronze – 130 – 3 mm. Setacryl 1021 smoke brown – 4 mm.

Coordination between Wanna and Pyrasied

Composing the materials for the chosen style and implementation within the project was an interesting challenge that demanded extensive coordination between Pyrasied and Wanna. ‘As with so many projects, the deadlines were tight. That’s when you realize just how important it is to have a strong relationship with the manufacturers supporting us,’ explained Commercial Manager Matthijs Bolhuis. ‘We are extremely proud of what they achieved with Planet Skin. It was a joy to work with them.’

Laat je inspireren

Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

‘Pyrasied materials are surprising, innovative and manageable. Thanks to the great Pyrasied team, we were able to obtain all the technical information. This was a huge help to us when designing the furniture for our project. The team was also there for us to complete the purchase of the materials,’

said a proud Cathy Figueiredo.

Planet Skin: winner of the 2022 Beauty Next Awards

Wanna went on to enjoy success with this project at the prestigious 2022 Next Awards as the winner in the ‘Best Spatial Design’ category. We look forward to seeing what else the creative Wanna team will come up with in the future.

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