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Driven by the love of materials

Can you fall in love with a material? At Pyrasied, this is a rhetorical question, because we are head over heels in love with plastic materials! First and foremost that is because of the unlimited range of looks, colours and light properties plastic offers. This makes plastic the finest material we can imagine.

Plastic also has an unlimited number of applications, for example, when you take aesthetics, design and functionality into account. The fact that you can give your creativity free rein and that a sheet of plastic can be the source of numerous new worlds and creations is what makes our hearts race! We want to share our love of plastics with the whole world; it is our raison d’être, our passion and our lifestyle.

Here we are proud of: our core values. These provide guidance for both you and us and precisely define who we are, what we consider important, and how we can assist you.

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Pyrasied is open to all kinds of people, collaborations, jobs and product innovations. For example, a priority at Pyrasied is helping everyone to feel they belong, including those at a disadvantage in the labour market. Being open in the broadest sense to everything that might help make the world a better place is one of the keys to our success. Thanks to this open and progressive mindset, we are always at the forefront of new developments, including when it comes to materials, and we know how to keep on surprising our customers.


Pyrasied carries on where other organizations quit: this is one of our main distinguishing features. Thinking in terms of solutions is second nature to us. Being able to complete seemingly impossible projects demands creativity, ingenuity and inventiveness. That also applies to developing new types of design and everyday plastics, applications and innovations. At Pyrasied, standard is never standard.


Circular thinking is a condition for future success, especially in the world of plastics. Pyrasied leads the way in this approach. Our mission is to create recyclable versions of all materials. This circular way of thinking has been resonating in our customer consultancy and services for quite some time, for example in the form of our take-back service for customers. In other words, sustainability is high on Pyrasied’s agenda and is set to climb higher up the list.

Needless to say, we have a vision and a mission


We believe in a bright future for plastic materials. They are set to play a crucial role in a world increasingly committed to circularity and sustainability. Plastic lasts a long time and recycling it for use in the same application or new ones is becoming more efficient and less wasteful. Plastics will always be one of the most beautiful material sources, offering unlimited applications and aesthetic appeal.


We aim for everyone to see, feel and experience the unlimited possibilities and applications that plastic materials offer. That is why we express our love for these materials at every opportunity, everywhere and in any way we can. We share the mood, feeling and wide range of applications for these materials with everyone: it’s what we live for and is the reason we jump out of bed in the morning.

The 7 certainties of Pyrasied:
1 Guarantees healthy margins

Guarantees healthy margins

Pyrasied represents a large number of Dutch and foreign top brands of plastic materials. Because, as one of the largest European plastics experts, we keep the turnover rate in our stocks of plastic materials high, we charge competitive sales prices. This means you are assured of healthy margins.

The 7 certainties of Pyrasied:
2 Offers the most choice

Offers the most choice

Since 1984, at Pyrasied you can choose from a huge stock of various types of (recycled) acrylic, environmentally friendly plastics, PETG, polycarbonate and design plastics. Thanks to our extensive experience with both plastic materials and all possible processes and applications, we offer you the most choice and options.

The 7 certainties of Pyrasied:
3 Inspires


We would like to inspire you with material solutions of today and tomorrow. For example, by sharing special projects with you. But also by developing plastic materials especially for and with you. You can be assured that we want to continue to stimulate you when it comes to material innovations.

The 7 certainties of Pyrasied:
4 Co-creates


Feel free to involve us in the development of your project. Thanks to our expertise and years of practical experience, we quickly help architects, engineers and interior builders with the right choice of materials, material processing and material applications. You can count on it that we want to work with you to make your project a great success.

The 7 certainties of Pyrasied:
5 Continues where others stop

Continues where others stop

Pyrasied continues where others give up. Thinking in solutions and possibilities is deeply anchored in our DNA. It is logical that we want to help you achieve your goals in every possible way. With materials, inspiration, advice, realization and sincere professional involvement in your project(s).

The 7 certainties of Pyrasied:
6 Realizes dreams and ideas

Realizes dreams and ideas

Every day we immerse ourselves in the world of dreams and ideas of our clients. Because Pyrasied not only supplies and processes sustainable (design) plastics, but also develops and manufactures them ourselves, we can turn almost any wish into reality. Let your imagination run wild!

The 7 certainties of Pyrasied:
7 Out of love for materials

Out of love for materials

That one sheet of plastic material can be the source of an infinite number of new worlds and creations: that makes our hearts beat faster. We are happy to share that love for the material and its unlimited possibilities with you. Because we do everything out of love for materials, you can count on top quality and top advice.

The 7 certainties of Pyrasied:

Accessible and customized

Pyrasied is a wholesaler, processor and developer of acrylic and design materials for the European market. We set ourselves apart by not being standard. Any professional wishing to use our materials in their idea or product can count on us. We even supply fully custom solutions because we believe in making the widest possible range of sustainable materials accessible to all. 

Delivery from stock

We have a gigantic stock of virgin and recycled acrylic, eco-friendly plastics, polycarbonate, PETG and design plastics, and we help our customers from various sectors apply them as effectively as possible. What’s more, our skilled and experienced staff are continuously using them to produce the most beautiful creations. We are not afraid of taking risks when we believe in something and our flexible operation allows anyone to order from our stock. Our love of materials drives us to continue developing and introducing new materials onto the Dutch and European markets.

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