About us

About us

About PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic

PyraSied is a wholesaler, fabricator and developer of sustainable acrylic and design plastics. We distinguish ourselves by not being standard. All professionals who want to apply our material in their idea or their product can contact us. Even tailored-to-size, because we believe that sustainable materials should be accessible in the greatest diversity.

We have a huge stock of (recycled) acrylic (also known as plexiglass), polycarbonate (Lexan) and design plastics and we help our customers from different industries to apply these materials as well as possible. In addition, we also have very skilful people in the company who are making the most beautiful things. We dare to take risks when we believe in a project and we work flexibly from our own stock from which anyone can order (online and via the telephone/mail). We are passionate about our materials and from this passion, we continue to develop and introduce new materials onto the Dutch and European markets.

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