Suprolux gives you control over light, spaces and experiences

The go-to brand for high-end light diffusers leaves nothing to chance and helps R&D professionals like you realize projects that have to meet the most stringent quality requirements and standards. Absolute control of light: welcome to the world of Suprolux

  • High-end quality
  • A solution for every function
  • Extensive product range
  • Free applicability testing
  • Data sheets and certification included





Showcase it with Suprolux: create form, beauty, mood and structure

Choose from a wide range of materials

Acrylic diffusers

  • UV protected
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Optically very pure

Acrylic diffusers are the purest and offer the best possible air technical properties. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses, Suprolux acrylic diffusers are suitable for a variety of applications. Thanks to the UV Protection, many variants can also be used outdoors. Within the acrylic diffuser collection you will find variants with different light transmissions, so there is always a variant that best suits your needs.

Polycarbonate diffusers

  • Very impact resistant
  • Hardly any thickness tolerance
  • Good fire classification

If the fire classification is important within your project, get acquainted with the collection of Suprolux polycarbonate diffusers. Thanks to the good certification, these diffusers can be used in all public spaces, also polycarbonate is fire retardant. The biggest advantage of polycarbonate is that it is easy to process for all kinds of applications.

PETG diffusers

  • Easy to shape
  • Good fire classification
  • High light transmission

Shaping, the PET-G diffusers from Suprolux are mainly used for products that need to be shaped, such as by means of vacuum forming. This sophisticated collection offers the highest quality that is desired for more complex products. Thanks to the fire certification, these diffusers can be used in public spaces.

Polystyrene diffusers

  • Hardly any thickness tolerance
  • Impact resistant
  • Rigid material

Polystyrene is a stiff plastic with hardly any thickness tolerance. This makes this collection from Suprolux perfect for, for example, fixtures where the panels are enclosed. Thanks to this stiffness of the material, it is possible to work with very thin diffusers that keeps your product extremely light in weight. In addition to smooth diffusers, Suprolux also offers various structured diffusers within this collection.

Choose from a wide range of materials

We help you to control light with a wide range of high-end light diffusers. Whatever the application, you can choose from an extensive swatch of material characteristics and specifications that exactly suit the goals of your project.

The Suprolux mission

Control over light: that is the Suprolux promise. Because the complete range of Suprolux high-end light diffusers comes with all possible data and specifications, R&D professionals like you will be able to make exactly the right choices. Leave nothing to chance while meeting every natural and artificial lighting requirement; that is the Suprolux mission.

To view and feel the material, simply request a sample.

The Suprolux vision

Light in all of its manifestations will always play an essential part the life of humankind. Light makes everything visible, creating form, beauty, mood and structure. The materials that enable us to control and manifest these qualities of light will therefore continue to play a key role in designing spaces, objects and ambitions.

Control over light

Control over light means control over projects, interior spaces, objects, ambitions and feasibility. Suprolux manifests what you as an R&D professional had envisaged, with the very highest quality precision, reliability and functionality.

Prior testing

Because we can involve you at an early stage in the high-precision testing of any light and lighting application, you can rest assured that your project will be flawless upon completion.

Would you like to know more about the go-to brand for high-end light diffusers? Please contact us!

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