The Transformer: from machine to pizza pavilion

Flexible, mobile pizza pavilion

The founders of Old Scuola, Marco and Daniël, famed for their food trucks and pizza restaurant in Rotterdam, launched a unique and innovative project: The Transformer. This flexible, mobile pizza pavilion for large-scale event catering is innovative, hydraulic and immense!

After all, why shouldn’t you be able to use the very best wood-fired ovens (each weighing over 3000 kg!) at events? That led to ‘The Transformer’; a spacious, hyper-industrial machine which could accommodate not one, but two of these ovens. With a single push of a button, the whole food truck can be relatively simply erected, folded down and transported. Thanks to IWT architects, the highly innovative Transformer puts an end to all logistics-related challenges.


The Transformer is a mobile pizza pavilion with authentic pizza ovens that significantly raises the bar for event catering. It was an intensive project, with the implementation proving to be a lot harder than the idea. The 20 x 20 cm steel beams alone, which are needed to support the huge ovens, counters and canopies, are extremely heavy. A hydraulic system is used to operate The Transformer. In addition to steel, an innovative recycled plastic was used for components such as the side walls of The Transformer.

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About Old Scuola

Old Scuola was founded by two friends with two different academic backgrounds; Marco was originally an archaeologist and Daniël was a structural engineer. They decided to give the hospitality industry a good shake-up. Sustainability is not just something you promise, you have to take action. Old Scuola is always seeking opportunities to create circularity within the company. Old Scuola stands for classic Italian cuisine in a new guise.


The Transformer was constructed using innovative recycled plastic for components such as the side walls, which are made using Black Dapple sheets from Smile Plastics. The Black Dapple pattern resembles the gluten structure which gives the pizza dough its strength.

Pyrasied worked with Old Scuola and IWT architects on incorporating the Smile Plastics sheets into The Transformer. The material could be neither too thick nor too heavy, otherwise it would prevent The Transformer from folding down completely. After several attempts, Black Dapple was made to fit The Transformer.


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Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

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