Create Sparks in the meeting centre of Brussels!

A late art deco building

The late art deco building from shell is right across from the train station ‘Brussels Central’. The building is designed by the architects Alexis Dumont and Marcel van Goethem. The architecture of this building was modernist for that time, around 1931. It was built on behalf of the dutch company Shell. Although they had the entire building available at the time, Shell now uses only one floor.

This gave Sparks the opportunity to use the building as a meeting centre with the goal to create ‘the perfect frame for ideas to hatch, minds to meet, projects to grew and companies to unleash their full potential of collaboration’ Sparks.

Dynamic spaces in Brussels

Sparks rents meeting rooms and event spaces that have been carefully designed by architects & designers. The possibilities radiate productivity. The rooms are dynamic and can be built into creative meeting rooms in the blink of an eye. Sparks challenges users to turn the spaces upside down, anything to be able to work productively.

This is the big challenge for the designers of coworking spaces. The creative studio that takes on this challenge is Cobra Studios.

Laat je inspireren

Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

Cobra Studios discovers a new type of material

Cobra Studios designed the beautiful Sparks meeting centre on behalf of Sparks. Cobra Studios consists of the brilliant duo Kenny Decommer and Hugues Delaunay. They say they look for contradictions in their designs. Cobra Studios tends to create its own world, a certain form of light living, naïve but so much fun.

“Contradiction is key, the world is boring, let’s indulge the pieces with colour.” Cobra Studios.

Cobra Studios challenges itself not only with the design of Sparks’ coworking spaces, the tight deadline but also with the size of the project.

Because Kenny Decommer, architect, and Hugues Delaunay, visual merchandiser, work full-time, all of this had to be designed outside their working hours.

A challenge that they were more than happy to take on. The creative studio likes to work with the materials resin and marble. Acrylic hardly ever featured in the duo’s creative designs. Sparks’ wishes challenged them to discover a new type of material. That’s how they ended up with acrylic. A material that can be transparent, but can also be made translucent.

Pyrasied provided the knowledge of the material

The architects knew that fellow architect Sabine Marcelis had previously collaborated with Pyrasied. “So we knew that if she does that, it will be a good partner”, says Kenny Decommer – co-owner of Cobra Studios. The duo has ordered a gigantic box full of samples. They then decided to make the five-hour journey to Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) to sit down with the specialists from Pyrasied to share their wishes and ideas about the project. “We had our ideas, which went much further in the beginning. But, many ideas that have been discussed and drawn have actually been implemented” Kenny Decommer – co-owner of Cobra Studios.

“The elasticity of the material, the thickness needed to keep the material in shape, but also how the materials should be attached to each other. Pyrasied provided the knowledge of the material and delivered everything exactly to size. The doors were delivered to the exact dimensions provided and the corners of all materials are neatly finished and polished.” Kenny Decommer – co-owner of Cobra Studios.

Be inspired by the floor

The architectural duo was inspired by the location and an existing floor. There are works of art throughout the building by the artist Olivier Strebelle. Among other things, he designed a floor in one of the rooms of the meeting centre. The floor consisted of marble pieces that fit together like a mosaic. The marble parts are surrounded by brass. Together this represents the bottom of the ocean. The Cobra Studios design is based on this unique floor. The floor represented a colour palette that they reflected in the meeting rooms. For example, many dark blue and dark green shades have been used.

Materials mix

Versato New Colours 14004 – Petrol green – 30mm, acrylic tubes, Green Cast 71014 – yellow – 8mm, Green Cast Satin glass 61100 – opal satin – 25mm, Versato New Colours 16909 – gloss eggplant brown – 15 mm and Versato New Colours 51254, satin cactus green – 15 & 20mm.

Laat je inspireren

Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

“Both parties happy, I would say. On to the next!”

Thus a satisfied Kenny Decommer – co-owner of Cobra Studios

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