World leader in sustainability and looks

‘Leading manufacturer of award-winning sustainable materials and hardware solutions for the Architecture & Design industry’. The way 3form presents itself is clear. And when you look at the quality of their materials, it is certainly justified – 3form materials are exceptionally good, extraordinarily beautiful and unique.

  • All materials are manufactured specifically for each customer
  • Great quality and equally great looks
  • Leading the way in variety and versatility



3form crafts sophisticated, handmade translucent materials that make optimum use of shape, texture, light and colour

With 3form materials, you can turn your creative vision into clearly unique projects.

3form offers you two extensive collections


The Varia collection comprises formable Ecoresin panels with an interlayer. Limitless combinations of colour, texture and light are possible. This material can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. While Varia comprises several fixed designs, you can also configure your own combinations.

The collection has layers that can come in colours or simply be left clear. You can then add patterns, colours and interlayers and see your unique vision come to life. In the interlayer, you can select textile, seaweed or dots. Alternatively, you can opt for reeds to create a popular biophilic design.


Chroma is a collection of acrylic panels with a translucent colour layer applied to the rear surface. Chroma is manufactured in stunning colours that can be used to create a huge range of specified shades, opacities and striking effects. If desired, a durable finish can be applied to the surface of Chroma, and this can easily be reapplied throughout its lifetime.

Chroma has outstanding outdoor qualities and is therefore suitable for use as signage and lighting, as well as for indoor applications such as furniture or partitions.

Because this collection can be lit from the edge, the panels are excellent for use as luminaires. In addition, this material has tremendous optical properties and an extremely high level of light transmission. Chroma is rigid, stable and robust, making it a great choice for horizontal applications. Chroma is available in any colour from the 3form colour portfolio.


The designs are available in more than 250 colours and come in a range of different textures, patterns and finishes. The panels are made in accordance with your specific wishes, and you are free to create your own combination. The designs are finished both on the front and rear of the panels. The designs that feature in the Varia collection can even carry images or textiles.

Ordering 3form

Pyrasied is the official Dutch distributor for 3form. If you want to purchase 3form panel material, please contact our sales department. You can select from among all the different colour and surface options on the 3form website. Once you have done so, you can forward your selection to us. The minimum purchase is one full panel per type.

To view and feel the material, simply request a sample.

Delivery options

The designs in the 3form collections are manufactured especially for your project. Accordingly, the delivery time depends on your wishes. When Pyrasied receives a request for a quote, it will always specify the minimum order quantity.

3form is designed and manufactured in Salt Lake City in the USA. Once your order has been produced, it is shipped to Europe. The sheets can be ordered in sizes measuring 1200 x 2400 mm or 1200 x 3000 mm. The standard thicknesses are 12.7 mm and 6.3 mm with a tolerance of 4.7 mm.

Processing options

The designs in the Varia collection can be milled, cut and bent. The designs in the Chroma collection can be milled, cut, bent, bonded, polished and laser cut. Pyrasied can perform these processes for you or advise and/or support you in this area. In addition, you can order ready-made products directly from the USA.

3form offers you unlimited versatility with a focus on sustainability and aesthetics

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