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Bencore is the Italian brand from Carrara, the city famous for its impressive marble quarries. Bencore is one of the most important sources of inspiration for innovative materials in the world of architecture and interior design. All materials, systems and products are of a uniquely high level when it comes to technology, quality and aesthetics. Pyrasied offers you four equally eye-catching standard collections of materials, ensuring each of your projects will have a strikingly distinctive character.

  • Lightweight composite sheets with high rigidity
  • Dynamic interplay between the core and light
  • Wide range of colour combinations and cores available
  • All collections can be made to customer specifications
  • Choice of different surface textures

Bencore is the reference point for architects and designers aiming for beauty and wonder

Innovation, quality, flexibility and solutions are the keywords in the unique Bencore philosophy.

Pyrasied has included four standard material collections by Bencore in its product range. Choose the collection that suits your project.


  • 3D core
  • Fire certification or Food Grade certification possible
  • Dynamic effects with light

Starlight is a composite panel with a patented ‘macrocellular’ transparent SAN core bonded between external acrylic sheets. You can choose from a range of surface finishes and colours. Starlight has a unique geometric core that plays with light.

The Starlight material provides privacy when used as a partition and creates a beautiful ‘edgy’ appearance when used in furniture applications. This structural panel is suitable for a wide range of interior applications. You can also order Starlight with special properties such as impact-resistant polycarbonate (Starlight Extra), fire-resistant polycarbonate with a PETG core (Starlight Plus) and non-slip polycarbonate for floor applications (Starlight Floor).


  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) approved
  • Protects against fading
  • Lightweight and rigid

Lightben is a composite panel with a core of transparent cylinders in polycarbonate. This panel is lightweight and its special core structure creates partial transparency depending on the angle at which you look through it. Specifically, it is transparent when viewed from the front, but provides complete privacy when viewed from an angle. This makes Lightben the ideal panel for creating a sense of privacy without making a space seem confined.


  • Aluminium honeycomb core
  • Lightweight
  • Front and/or rear sheet can feature mirror surface

Hexaben is a stunningly designed composite panel consisting of an aluminium honeycomb core (Large or Small) bonded between two outer layers in acrylic or PETG. For a better fire rating or for applications in a food contact environment, it is best to choose PETG outer sheets. For greater variation in colour or a satin surface, acrylic outer sheets are the best choice. Hexaben is lightweight, extremely rigid and – depending on the chosen outer layer – virtually impact-proof.


  • Front and rear sheets in 100% recycled acrylic
  • Eco-friendly composite panel
  • The core is made from recycled cardboard

Ecoben is a doubly sustainable composite panel because it is constructed using a recycled cardboard core between outer sheets in 100% recycled Green Cast acrylic. This composite panel can be used in numerous applications from furniture to wall systems. The recycled cardboard will give your design a natural look. Ecoben goes perfectly with contemporary interiors, combining a natural appearance with a sustainable profile.

Potential applications

Bencore is used by architects and designers for commercial, hospitality, retail and hotel interiors, as well as in offices, hospitals and public spaces or for stages and set design. The transparent materials allow natural light to reach the innermost parts of a building without infringing on privacy.

Its outstanding ability to transmit light means Bencore is often backlit to create awesome lighting effects. Bencore composite panels are perfect for vertical or horizontal design applications such as tabletops, theatre stages, floors, partitions, ceilings, doors, shop displays, furniture and shelving.


All front and rear Bencore composite panels are available in PETG and acrylic. They can be made in any colour desired. It is even possible for the front and rear panels to be in different colours. In addition, there is a wide choice of edge finishing. And that’s not all; matching accessories ranging from table legs to room dividers can be supplied right away. Metal U-sections, desk divider clamps, sliding door systems, concealed hinges and door handles can all be produced.

To view and feel the material, simply request a sample.

Processing options

Depending on the material chosen, Bencore panels can be milled, laser cut and bonded together. The edge finishing can be adapted to meet your requirements. Pyrasied can perform these processes for you or advise and/or support you in this area. In addition, ready-made finished products can be ordered directly from Italy.

A history with a future

Over 20 years ago, Bencore began manufacturing honeycomb composite panels for industrial applications, such as truck beds, yacht building, and materials with the same aesthetic effect as glass bricks but in a thinner, stronger and lighter form. The design of the honeycomb material and the stunning light effects quickly attracted the attention of architects and designers. This inspired Bencore to produce a range of collections with various cores made from plastic, aluminium or cardboard.

Ordering Bencore

You can order all Bencore types per complete panel. They can be custom-made with any core or in any colour of outer layer you want. The outer layers are made from either acrylic or PETG, depending on the intended application.

Bencore panels measuring 3015 x 1000 mm are made to order in a choice of 23 colours with a satin or gloss surface finish. The thickness of the material depends on how far the core is extruded and the thickness of the exterior layers. As a distributor, Pyrasied works with Bencore to promote, support and supply this beautiful material throughout the Netherlands.

We can discuss projects with you, provide technical advice, send you a sample and process the material for you; whatever you want.

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