Combine functionality and beauty with Bencore

Are you looking for strong, durable and practical material? Bencore composite panels are exactly what you need. These Italian-made panels offer versatile solutions that effortlessly combine functionality and aesthetics.

What are Bencore composite panels?

Composite panels from Bencore are made by bonding two or more layers of materials together. This results in a lightweight, durable and great-looking panel! The honeycomb core of the panel is made of aluminium, polycarbonate, acrylic or cardboard. The outer layers are made of polycarbonate, PETG or 100% recycled acrylic. The different combinations open the door to countless variations.

Bencore can combine any core with an outer layer in any colour. 

The technology that gives Bencore its structural strength is also widely used in the aerospace industry. Bencore panels are both lightweight and solid. The panels are precision cut and can be processed using a range of techniques.

Unlimited possibilities

With Bencore panels, the possibilities are endless. These panels can be used as partitions, ceilings, doors, furniture, luminaires and a lot more besides. For instance, they can be used as mobile partitions to create a sense of depth and dimension in a space. They are perfect for spaces that need natural light. Bencore panels are also ideal for creating private spaces without compromising aesthetic qualities. Examples include meeting rooms, offices, secluded areas in restaurants and similar environments.

Bencore composite panels offer privacy without affecting the natural light in the space.

Natural light and Bencore

When it comes to natural light, Bencore panels are an excellent choice. Because they let natural light into the space, less artificial light is needed. Thanks to the wide selection of designs available, you can regulate the amount of light and reduce glare. If your aim is to create greater privacy or softer light, special finishes are available. Moreover, the panels come in numerous colours, textures and patterns that go with any design.

Up to 65% of daylight shines through the panels, cutting energy consumption in the building.

Lightweight and easy to install

The honeycomb technology gives Bencore panels an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, so despite their light weight, they are extremely strong. The panels are practical, require little or no additional support and are easy to install. This also makes Bencore panels an excellent option for applications in which low weight is crucial, such as suspended ceilings, displays, desks and cabinets.

Furniture constructed using Bencore panels is lightweight and yet strong because of the honeycomb core.

Modular solutions

Bencore is available in various prefabricated panel systems for the creation of Smart Offices etc. All types can also be ordered with pre-defined installation systems. These systems are characterized by their simple design, transparency and production quality. They are easy to install and alter to various sizes, creating myriad options for project developers.

Durable and eco-friendly

Bencore panels are made out of high-quality materials that can withstand UV radiation, impact and fire. Extreme weather conditions are no problem either, and the panels have a long lifespan. Bencore panels are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Discover the possibilities!

Transform your project with Bencore composite panels. Whether you already have a specific project in mind or need some inspiration, our account managers are here to help. Give us a call and get started!

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