Retail Masterpieces: Fabienne Chapot, De Bijenkorf, and More.

Pyrasied materials have gained popularity in the world of retail design in recent years. Whether it’s acrylic, pressed sheet materials, or solid surfaces, Pyrasied’s materials play an essential role in architecture, visual merchandising, branding, and more. In this blog, we have curated a selection of remarkable designs using materials from Pyrasied

De Bijenkorf Maastricht

Blue acrylic from Pyrasied at De Bijenkorf
De Bijenkorf Maastricht: A modern design and a luxurious use of acrylic.

STOOFF Interior Projects has realized a modern store design for De Bijenkorf in Maastricht using acrylic. An attractive blue background, made of transparent blue acrylic, captures full attention. This effect is achieved by layering multiple sheets of blue acrylic on top of each other. The same blue color is also used in the mirrored wall partition, creating a harmonious whole.

Various displays made from different shades of blue acrylic from the Pyrasied assortment.
Blue acrylic sheets, mirror acrylic, and the Versato Myst collection are featured in the STOOFF Interior Projects store concept.
Detail: blue acrylic display in De Bijenkorf Maastricht.
Blue acrylic display in De Bijenkorf Maastricht

The interior seamlessly matches the atmosphere of Maastricht and complements the ‘Street Couture’ fashion trend, conveying a recognizable message. STOOFF Interior Projects applied different shades of blue acrylic from the Pyrasied assortment, including transparent colors, mirror acrylic, and the Versato Myst collection.

Salle Privée House No. 8, Milan Showroom – Sabine Marcelis

Salle Privée has successfully integrated contemporary design into a historic setting. Their showroom in Milan, situated in the historic Palazzo Recalcati in Italy and designed by Sabine Marcelis, revolves around extruding shapes from the single existing central mirror wall.

House No. 8, Salle Privée by Sabine Marcelis
For House No. 8, Salle Privée, in collaboration with Studio Sabine Marcelis, integrated modern elements into the historic environment.

Two additional walls were replicated to fit at both ends of the space, using the void in the three walls to extrude plexiglass elements, which serve as display objects and furniture.

Display made of Pyrasied acrylic in the color Smoke grijs voor Salle Privee Milan
Plexiglass elements were extruded from this material into display objects and furniture.

The use of Pyrasied’s acrylic material, Versato New Colours in the elegant smoke brown shade, is truly remarkable. It imparts a subtle and sophisticated appearance to the showroom, serving as a striking element that not only elevates its modern aesthetics but also establishes a distinctive visual identity for the space.

Fabienne Chapot boutique, Mall of the Netherlands

The Dutch fashion house Fabienne Chapot has opened its fifth boutique in Leidschendam, in Westfield Mall of The Netherlands. For the new store concept, Fabienne Chapot’s design team collaborated with the architects of Storiginals. The goal was to create a high-end shopping experience with a warm atmosphere.

Storiginals used several materials from Pyrasied, such as Versato Myst and Smile Plastics, in all kinds of applications, including tables, chairs, and display cabinets. Colour, humour, and a love for design take the centre stage in this new concept, were these materials contributing to the warm and contemporary atmosphere of the store.

Luxurious wall created with Smile Plastics Alba in the Fabienne Chapot Boutique.
Fabienne Chapot’s newest store officially opened its doors on September 21 in The Gallery at Westfield Mall of The Netherlands in Leidschendam.
Smile plastics's blue dapple accentuates the design of Fabienne Chapot.
Smile Plastics – Blue Dapple in the Fabienne Chapot Boutique.
Attractive furniture in Versato Myst in the color Smoke Brown accentuates the design of Fabienne Chapot.
The use of the Versato Myst collection creates a striking yet subtle interior, allowing the colourful collections of the women’s fashion brand to shine.


Rituals Cosmetics has been using Versato Translucent Stone material in their store concept for years.

Luxurious furniture made of Alabaster from the Versato® Translucent Stone collection in Rituals stores.
The alabaster-look material gives each store a beautiful luxurious feel.

The Alabasterlook material from Pyrasied, Versato Translucent Stone collection has been transformed into exclusive furniture pieces for Rituals stores. It provides each store with a beautiful luxurious feeling, perfectly complementing the luxe store design of Rituals and creating an oasis of tranquility.

Furniture made of Alabaster from the Versato® Translucent Stone collection.
Furniture made from Versato Translucent Stone can be seen in various Rituals stores around the world.


Selfridges has seamlessly integrated a variety of Smile Plastics designs into their store décor. Distinctive shapes of Black Dapple and Alba were meticulously crafted for the pedestals and neatly encased in wooden frames. Black Dapple sheets were also used for the clothing racks. This recycled plastic sheet material creates a playful effect and serves as a fascinating presentation display for different products.

Pedestals made of Smile Plastic Alba and Smile Plastic Black Dapple.
The designs Alba and Black Dapple from Smile Plastics in Selfridges’ interior.

Pressed plastic sheets from Smile Plastics are made from 100% recycled plastic waste, including PET bottles, cutting boards, and packaging materials. This sustainable material is exclusively available at Pyrasied within the Benelux.

Frame pop-up store

The Frame pop-up store during Dutch Design Week 2017 integrated Pyrasied materials to promote creative excellence, with the use of Versato Myst reflecting innovation and vision.

Acrylic from the Versato® Myst collection by Pyrasied in the Frame pop-up store.
Established in 1997, Frame is the world’s leading media brand for interior design.

Inspired by the transparency and apparent elusiveness of Pyrasied’s material, Versato Myst, students at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) designed the Frame pop-up store to convey the theme of duality and Frame’s mission to promote spatial excellence.

The store was the culmination of an interior design program at KABK, and was the result of a collaboration between Frame, KABK, and Pyrasied.

Displays in the Frame pop-up store made with acrylic from the Versato® Myst collection.
Visitors could browse through Frame magazines, books, and products from emerging designers.

ESPRIT X Opening Ceremony Pop-up Store

Winner of Pop-up Store of the Year | Frame Awards 2018

A complete interior design for the Esprit x Opening Ceremony Pop-up store, created by Noman Studio. In this design, Versato Myst was used for ceiling moldings, benches, clothing racks, room dividers, and even as clothing hangers. The pastel colors of Versato Myst accentuate the new Esprit clothing line in the place.

ESPRIT X Opening Ceremony Pop-up Store.
Complete interior design for the Esprit x Opening Ceremony Pop-up store by Noman Studio.

Noman Studio established strict design rules for the racks and furniture, combining radical design elements with functional requirements. This approach resulted in the creation of three-dimensional shapes from flat rectangles, featuring patterns of stripes and squares, much like origami art. The ultimate goal was to achieve an engaging interplay of color and form, making the space inviting.


Hangers made of acrylic from the Versato® Myst collection by Pyrasied.
Clothing hangers made of acrylic from Pyrasied’s Versato Myst collection.
Bench made of acrylic from the Versato Myst collection from Pyrasied.
Different pieces of furniture crafted from acrylic sheets from the Versato Myst collection, were expertly bonded by Pyrasied’s specialists.

“The material called Myst is unique because it absorbs and diffuses light, resulting in a transformation of ambient lighting and the material itself. This places a filter on reality, making it look cloudy even when it’s fully transparent.” – Noman Studio.

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