Design your own bathroom

A place you visit every day, both in the morning and in the evening. A place where you can completely unwind or even have your own personal wellness suite. For one person it’s a colourful oasis, while another prefers a minimalist look. It can be only one place: the bathroom you designed yourself.

Whether you’re looking for an accent wall, shower floor, splashback, washbasin or vanity unit, with materials from Marlan anything is possible.

Design the bathroom of your dreams

Do you want to create a bathroom entirely in anthracite? Would you prefer a bathroom in pastel tones, perhaps? Anything is possible! The material is available in an astounding 68 colours. If your favourite colour isn’t among them, no problem; we can arrange for a colour to be developed specially for you. With you, for you.

And we don’t stop at colours. Pyrasied supplies custom-made bathroom fixtures by Marlan, created entirely to your specifications, so the bathroom you’ve designed is one of a kind. And because the factory is in the Netherlands, we can arrange things quickly. Homemade bathroom fixtures; what’s not to like?

Studio Piet Boon and Marlan

Have you heard of Studio Piet Boon? Don’t spread it around, but Studio Piet Boon bathroom fixtures are made from Marlan materials. The material lends itself to unique designs, statement pieces or a beautiful bathroom.

Even more advantages of Marlan

Marlan material is a solid surface composite of minerals and resin. The advantage of this is that it is non-porous, making it extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

Marlan is resistant to chemicals, although we don’t expect you to be conducting any chemistry experiments in your bathroom. If need be though, this material can take a lot of knocks.

If you decide to use this material in your kitchen, that won’t be a problem either. Marlan is food-safe and non-flammable. The material is also antibacterial and prevents bacteria and mould establishing and growing, which is a huge advantage in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

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