The colour trend of 2024 is Peach Fuzz!

PATONE 13-1023, the soft, fruity peach tone, also known as Peach Fuzz, moves effortlessly between pink and orange, it has stolen the spotlight as enchanting Colour of the year 2024. A lush nuance that dances subtly on the border between two colour worlds, it calls a feeling of solidarity, innovation and the opportunity for nurturing, while at the same time it has a soothing appearance.

This warm colour is the result of a search for an “enveloping touch” that reflects the desire for connection with others and highlights emotions. For 25 years, the Patone Color Institute presents the colour that influences fashion, design, architecture and culture worldwide, creating trends and influencing products around the world.

“In our search for a colour that reflects our innate desire for closeness and connection, we chose a radiant colour with warmth and modern elegance. A hue that resonates with compassion, offers a tangible embrace and seamlessly connects the young and the ageless, ” explains Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Pyrasied: Various materials in the Peach Fuzz colour palette

At Pyrasied you will find a wide range of materials in the Peach Fuzz colour palette. With these materials you can effortlessly integrate the soft, velvet peach tones into different designs. Our materials meet the highest standards in the industry and are adaptable for various applications.

Personalise and create exclusive Acrylic panels in Peach Fuzz

We do not only offer standard materials in het Peach Fuzz colour palette at Pyrasied, but we also offer custom made solutions. If you are looking for Peach Fuzz or other RAL- or PMS-colours, Pyrasied makes it possible to visually bring your design to life.

Feel free to contact our team and discover the possibilities!

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