Waste Plastics

Waste Plastics: A Sustainable Revolution

In our current society, we have to deal with large amounts of plastic waste. But what if we could reuse this plastic and transform it into new, high-quality products and materials? Waste plastics offer a sustainable solution that is not only environmentally friendly but also yields aesthetically high-quality design. In summary: a sustainable revolution with waste plastics.

Waste Plastics

From plastic waste to plastic design sheets

Waste plastics are not just “mere” plastic waste. It represents a product group of high-quality products made from recycled plastic. The process begins with collecting plastic waste, which is then shredded and thoroughly cleaned. These small pieces are compressed into new plastic design sheets. At Pyrasied, you will find a continuously growing range of these sheets, available in various sizes, thicknesses, and material types.

Design with impact

Next, your creativity comes into play. Think of unique designs for tables, bars, counters, wall coverings, or room dividers. But we are happy to leave the ideas to you: the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Almost anything is possible, and we are ready to support you in realizing your creative vision.

Smile Plastics | Spectra
Plasticiet | Chocolate Factory

Your waste, your plastic sheet

The fascinating aspect of waste plastics is that your waste can end up as a high-quality design plastic sheet. Sheets made from various sources, such as yogurt cups, shampoo bottles, packaging material, and even shoes, illustrate the endless possibilities of this circular production process. On top of that, no sheet is exactly the same. Each sheet is different, making each project unique.

Circular production

Circular production is highly valued by us. It is our ambition to create a range that includes entirely recyclable material. Towards this vision, we already have several leading waste plastic brands in our assortment, each with its own material type, pattern, texture, or color:

Inspiring example: Budweiser crates in GoGo Plastics Project

A striking example of the impact of waste plastics can be found in a project by GoGo Plastics in collaboration with Budweiser. In the bar of a music venue, where the beer brand is served, there is a space entirely furnished with material obtained from the crates of this famous beer brand. The DJ booth, bar, and even the wall coverings are all made from Budweiser crates. Brand experience at its best! This shows how innovation and collaboration lead to unique applications of recycled plastic in high-quality designs.

In conclusion, waste plastics not only offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic but also open doors to limitless creativity and inspiring design possibilities.

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