The Euroshop 2023 trends

The Euroshop trade fair was held from 26 February to 2 March 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany. With no fewer than 14 halls packed with retail applications ranging from cash registers to ventilation systems, this event was nothing less than the world’s biggest retail trade show. We’ve put together a brief summary of the interior trends that we spotted, accompanied by mood boards for inspiration.

Relaxation, rest and cooling

One of the striking trends that we observed was for ‘sleek and modern blues’. These tones have a calming, cooling effect and creates a relaxed mood. Don’t be deceived by the relaxing vibe though; this trend is far from an unconventional choice. Combining minimalist design with shades of blue creates a sleek and modern look. This trend particularly suits the retail trade because relaxed consumers tend to spend money more readily. A great example of this is the application of KRION in combination with earthy hues.

If you need more visual inspiration, that’s no problem! We have put together a mood board for you, featuring sleek and modern blue.

Pyrasied mood board for Euroshop 2023 – Sleek and modern blue

Biophilic design

The trends for ‘Green tones’ and ‘Earth tones’ featured prominently. Biophilic design, which brings nature indoors, is especially popular and was clearly evident at the trade show. This design is often combined with earth tones. A good example is ITAB, which combines plants with recycled cardboard. Schweitzer Project’s Flagship Store uses recycled cardboard in the design.

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have green fingers; you can simply create this look with green plastic.

If you would like to combine green and earthy shades, our materials will inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

Pyrasied mood board for Euroshop 2023 – Biophilic design

Splendid earth tones

And last, but certainly not least, let’s look at ‘Earth tones’, a trend that definitely deserves more attention. Just like ‘Green tones’, earth tones bring nature indoors. We have previously seen examples of subtle hues such as sand, taupe and beige.

Powerful earth tones combined with subtle colours also create a calm and peaceful mood. For example, consider a bright orange combined with a concrete look, such as the design KBS Retail Display Systems used at the trade show.

KBS Retail Display Systems at Euroshop 2023 with bright earth tones

So, what are bright earth tones all about? Check out our mood board for inspiration.

Pyrasied mood board for Euroshop 2023 – Earth tones

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