WE Fashion Amsterdam: Sustainable and timeless design for flagship store

Fashion stories

To put a smile on people’s faces, apparel chain WE Fashion experiments with surprising ensembles on the catwalk. The outfits are a feast for the eyes, and fans on social media contribute to determining the looks. The store displays various fashion stories in a beautiful environment with rounded shapes and subtle colours, to create a relaxed and inspiring experience for everyone.

The styling team at the new WE Fashion flagship store helps customers to discover, enrich and experience their individual style, whether it concerns an item for a special occasion, a timeless basic, or even a complete makeover if need be.


Dedato designers & architects were commissioned to create a new flagship store for WE Fashion in Amsterdam. The aim of the store is for customers to use smart technology to allow them to enjoy carefree shopping as they are whisked away into another world. In other words, it’s all about experience! With an entirely fresh in-store feel, WE Fashion celebrates differences in taste and diversity, and uses sensory elements to share its background story and ambitious sustainability goals.

Laat je inspireren

Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

Conscious fashion statements

WE Fashion is heavily engaged in making the brand more sustainable. The cotton in their collections is now 100% sustainable and they have slowed down their collection turnover rate, shifting the focus towards offering quality and timeless essentials for a stylish and sustainable wardrobe.

Materials: Relaxed and inspiring in one

For the interior, materials from a number of different brands were used: Green Cast, Smile Plastics Black Dapple & Plasticiet Chocolate Factory, Nova and Blizzard. The chosen colours, accents and material combinations are in keeping with the relaxed and inspiring experience. The neutral colours, eye-catching accents and combinations of part-recycled materials create a space for bold fashion statements.

The whole look provides a future-proof and inclusive shopping experience for men, women and children. To find out where WE Fashion stands in terms of sustainability, check out the stairway where the company’s milestones are displayed in an original and interactive way.



Sustainability was the key starting point for the design of the store, and this is reflected in the choice of materials. An example is the panels in the store made from the sustainable Green Cast acrylic collection, which are 100% recycled acrylic. The neutrally coloured panels are suspended to form partitions behind the mannequins. When it came to the checkout counter, Black Dapple from the Smile Plastics collection was chosen. The panels are made entirely out of plastic chopping boards, with one whole sheet containing up to 150 of them. The stools in the fitting rooms were made from various types of materials from the Plasticiet collection; namely Chocolate Factory, Nova and Blizzard. The panels are made entirely out of plastic packaging materials.

Laat je inspireren

Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

The stylish basis is neutral and timeless, and if you look closely, you’ll see that surprising materials and solutions were selected to achieve the end result. The interior is modular and versatile.

About the architect

WE Fashion’s new flagship store was designed by Dedato designers & architects.  Dedato designers & architects is a design studio for architecture, interiors, retail, graphic design and interactive media. Dedato excels in these separate disciplines while integrating them seamlessly to create strong, consistent corporate identities and recognizable brands. The interior designer that implemented the design was Intriplo Projects B.V. This company designs and makes exclusive interiors for private residences as well as businesses.

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