Multifunctional accommodation; multifunctional interior

Removable worktops

Besides the challenge of using different materials for the laminated table tops, it had to be possible to remove the individual table top layers. However, it was impossible to create the desired curves in the Plexiglas selected by the architect. In the end, Green Cast was chosen, the idea of the curves was discarded, and the architect came up with a new design. The challenge of making the various materials removable still had to be met.


Prast & Hooft commissioned Harryvan to handle the engineering, production and assembly of various pieces of furniture for ‘De Wijert’ Forum Library. Harryvan was given the challenge of combining plastics with other types of materials including cardboard, wood and plastic in the table tops. Not only was the material combination challenging, but the table top layers also had to be individually removable. Everything had to be executed precisely according to the design and vision of the architects from Prast and Hooft.

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Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

Blending classic and modern

Bookcases, pantry furniture, presentation furniture, occasional tables, children’s islands, print holders and other furniture were made for this wonderful library. The result is a ‘mix between a classical and modern library’ with a nod to sustainability.


The challenge was to incorporate plastic and other materials into table tops. The Green Cast and Kaleido sheets from Smile Plastics were up to this challenge, in terms of both sustainability and design. Green Cast is made from 100% recycled acrylic and can be infinitely recycled. Kaleido from Smile Plastics is made out of 100% plastic waste.

‘Pyrasied’s materials go really well with the sustainable character of the project, which uses recycled books and materials, and reworked vintage cabinets,’ says Wiebe van der Zwaag, Project Lead at Harryvan.




Coordination between Harryvan and Pyrasied

Pyrasied and Harryvan have been working together for quite some time. Sustainability played a crucial part in the realization of this project. Pyrasied was able to meet this criterion thanks to its extensive range of recycled acrylic, eco-friendly plastics, and other design plastics. Harryvan wanted plastic in a rich palette of colours that could be used horizontally.

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Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

‘A test case showed that drilling and CNC were perfectly feasible using our production materials,’ explains Wiebe. The problem was ultimately resolved by the engineering department at Harryvan by using threaded bushes in conjunction with countersunk bolts to hold the layers together. This allows easy replacement of the individual layers in the event of damage to the material.’

About the location

De Wijert Forum Library, housed in a distinctive building on Van Lenneplaan in De Wijert district of Groningen, has undergone a refurbishment. The building is a multifunctional accommodation called ‘De Wiardt’ and was designed by AHH Architects. The interior of the Forum Library was designed by Prast & Hooft. The Forum Library stands for ‘the world of today and the possibilities of tomorrow’, so it is no surprise that sustainability was high on the list of priorities.

About the contractor

Harryvan has been an interior design and fine carpentry specialist since 1930. As a leader in sustainable interior design, Harryvan aims to use existing interior elements wherever possible and reuse residual materials. What they make is never standard. It therefore came as no surprise that they were chosen to be the interior designers for this prestigious project.

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