Ace & Tate Amsterdam: Store design: acetate eyewear on acrylic

Each store is unique

It was time to redesign the Ace & Tate store in Amsterdam. The architects from S-P-A-C-E projects were commissioned by Ace & Tate to come up with an impressive design for the eyewear store interior. The brand does not have an overarching style for the layouts of its stores: each physical store is unique.


The architects were asked to come up with a store design that would emphasize the characteristics of Ace & Tate eyewear, making the glasses stand out and tempting customers to try them on. They opted for acrylic from Pyrasied.

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Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

Source of inspiration

The design for the Amsterdam store was inspired by acetate, which the main material used to make the eyewear collection. Acetate is a plant-based material that has been transformed into sustainable plastic. The material is hypoallergenic and easy to bend to fit the contours of a face. Acetate sheets are processed in much the same way as acrylic. Acetate is often transparent and works brilliantly with light. Because it looks just like acrylic, it’s no wonder that architects and interior designers Klusters V.O.F. came up with the idea of using acrylic from Pyrasied as the material for this design. The design owes its playful appearance to the modular walls, the striking colour and the exciting lighting effects.


For this Ace & Tate store, acrylic in a custom colour was desired. No request is too much at Pyrasied, and we are happy to share our ideas, including when it comes to custom colours. After sending some samples and consulting with the client, the decision was made to use orange acrylic from the Versato New Colours collection. This striking, intense orange creates a warm sensation. The edges produce an unequalled depth of colour. Like acetate, acrylic works superbly with light. The Versato New Colours design was specially produced for this project in sheets 6 mm thick. The material ensures the customers’ eyes are drawn to the glasses and the design invites them to try them on.

Coordination between S-P-A-C-E projects and Pyrasied

The choice of material and the striking colour closely align with the wishes and goals of Ace & Tate. The design came with several assembly-related challenges. The objects are large, raising the question about which method should be used to join the panels without compromising the strength of the material: adhesive bonds or bolts. Of course, the visual aspect could not be ignored. Pyrasied played an advisory role in this decision.

Laat je inspireren

Materiaal is een onuitputtelijke bron van kleur, licht, vorm en toepassing. Ontdek de mogelijkheden.

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