MaterialDistrict 2023 highlights

The MaterialDistrict trade show was held in Utrecht’s historical Werkspoorkathedraal from 8 to 10 March 2023. Pyrasied was there. Were you too? Looking up, you would see the magnificent building that housed the event. The Werkspoorkathedraal links the past with the present, making it the perfect venue for MaterialDistrict, which is all about innovative materials.

The eye-catcher – Etagère

If you visited our stand, then you couldn’t have missed our striking etagère. It was full of samples of our most sustainable materials: Versato Myst, Green Cast, Plasticiet, Versato Crystal, Smile Plastics, Durat, Versato New Colours and Ecolan. These brands and collections are made out of recycled acrylic, pre- and post-consumer acrylic and plastic waste. That isn’t just an empty claim; it’s one backed by certificates. In other words, truly sustainable!

Pyrasied etagère at MaterialDistrict 2023.

The three columns

Three columns on our table contained solid surface material from Marlan, granules from Green Cast and plastic waste from Plasticiet respectively. If you’re wondering what’s so special about this, well, it has everything to do with how we recycle our materials.

We enjoy demonstrating where our raw materials come from and raising awareness about how a new sheet can be made from used resources. That is why we introduced our ‘take-back service’. Once the user has finished with the materials or wants something new, they can return the materials to us. We shred them and process them into granules and then ship them to the supplier, who turns them back into new sheets. In other words, it’s a closed chain – one of Pyrasied’s core values.

Three cylinders of Pyrasied flakes and granules at MaterialDistrict 2023

Sustainability and Pyrasied go hand in hand

The fact that we have so many different sustainable brands and collections on our stand is no coincidence. Five years ago, we set ourselves the goal of offering our customers an eco-friendly alternative to all of our existing brands.

Why? Because sustainability is important to us, and always has been. It was ten years ago that, as pioneers in the world of plastics, we teamed up with Madreperla, a manufacturer working on the development of Green Cast (100% recycled cast acrylic). We don’t hesitate to enter into lasting partnerships. Creating sustainability and closed cycles are second nature to us.

We are happy to answer the critical questions that people put to us at the trade fair. ‘How sustainable is the material really?’ and ‘Does the material actually get recycled after use?’. The more critical, the better.

Close-up of the Pyrasied etagère at MaterialDistrict 2023

MaterialDistrict colour trends

There was a tremendous variety of materials at the trade show, from sustainable packaging materials made out of seaweed to solid surface sheets made from plastic waste.

The 2023 colour trends were also well represented at the trade show. Terrazzo colours featured prominently, as did light pastel tones. We also saw the occasional marble and concrete look on display, such as in the designer table by Sustaign, and the Brickbin – modular waste bins made from 100% recycled material.

In summary, this design year is big on pastel tones, terrazzo colours and the concrete look.

Marble look by Sustaign

Nora pastel tones by Interface

Further information

For us, the days were a resounding success and we thoroughly enjoyed all the discussions we had. If you’d like to have another chat with us, no problem! Call us on +31 (0)58 767 6100 or send an email to

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