Earth tones and 50 shades of blue: the six colour trends for 2023.

What are the colour trends for 2023? Following an extensive quest, Pyrasied has drawn inspiration from Pinterest Predicts, Shutterstock and the Pantone and Coloro colour institutes. We’ve researched and analyzed the most significant trends for you. The result is this blog post, in which we take you through this year’s six colour trends for architecture and interior design.

Sleek and modern

Last year’s hot trend was to use more earth tones. This year the focus has shifted to calming blue. Blue has a cooling effect and creates a feeling of relaxation, but can also be sleek and businesslike. The trending colours are cobalt blue, pastel blue, ice blue and midnight blue, which can be combined with white and turquoise. Examples include a cobalt blue wall or an ice blue coffee table.


Lavender is often associated with peace and relaxation. One of this year’s colours is ‘digital lavender’. Lavender has a relaxing and calming effect, the colour alone evoking peace and tranquillity. This colour can be used to create unexpected combinations that will shake up the world of architecture and interior design. Although lavender radiates peace and tranquillity, with the right combinations it can also create an energetic and modern look.

Shades of pink

Pink tones make a comeback in 2023, especially in interior design, through furniture design or the addition of pink shades to the decor. This new trend is called ‘Barbiecore’, and while you might imagine it’s all about loud colours, this trend includes some subtler hues ranging from soft pastel tones to a vibrant fuchsia. You can create a playful and daring aesthetic by drawing inspiration from modern and retro influences.

Calming shades

Calming shades such as white, cream and pastel tones are also hot in 2023. These colours are inviting and lend a sense of comfort and elegance to a room. When combined with colours such as fuchsia, these shades unite a sense of relaxation with bold aesthetics.

Shades of green

Bringing nature indoors is a growing trend these days. The building sector is currently experimenting with this concept, which is known as biophilic design. In 2023, the trend is to add more greenery and shades of green to designs. This can be done naturally through the inclusion of plants, but it can also be done artificially, by installing a partition or cupboard made out of green acrylic. From dark green to light green, you’re bound to come across these colours a lot in this year’s projects.

Earth tones

Not only can we bring nature indoors with shades of green, we can also do so with earth tones. Last year’s trend is continuing into this year, with colours including orange, concrete look and terracotta. If you are into subtler colours, then you might prefer sand, taupe and beige.

Colour trends in 2023 & Pyrasied

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