Sawing materials. Custom high-precision sawing of plastic materials up to 120 mm thick.

We specialize in custom sawing of materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG. We saw sheets, tubes and rods with the utmost precision.
We specialize in custom sawing of materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG. We saw sheets, tubes and rods with the utmost precision.

Sheets and tubes cut to size

We have a variety of sawing machines at our disposal, including several computer-controlled horizontal beam saws, mitre saws and vertical panel saws. Our largest horizontal beam saw can handle panels of up to 4000 x 2000 mm with a thickness of up to 120 mm. We mill sheets that are thicker than 120 mm to size. Our extensive range of machinery means we can normally deliver material that has been cut to order within just two working days.

Cutting large quantities down to size

Our CNC panel saws allow us to cut large quantities of sheets down to size simultaneously. Regardless of colour or thickness, we can stack entire sheets on top of one another and cut them down to the required size in one go. This is useful, for instance, if you have your own small laser bed. It costs us little effort to provide you with this ideal and quick service.

Economical nesting of shapes from full sheets

If you need large runs of shapes or sizes, then we have nesting software that enables us to get diverse shapes and sizes from a sheet as efficiently and economically as possible. You can either send us your own nesting file that we can import into our computer, or we can provide you with nesting suggestions. Careful nesting both cuts down on unnecessary costs and is a form of sustainable material management.

Labelling sheets cut to size

When it comes to large quantities, our customers also regularly take advantage of the option of having custom-cut sheets labelled with the dimensions and type of material.

Edge finishing

Sheets cut by saw have neat but sharp edges. Custom-cut sheets are not finished with hand-friendly edges or bevelled as standard. This is often unnecessary because we saw so neatly that all the edges feel as if they have been polished. We can polish the edges to give a smooth, shiny finish. If you have any special requests regarding the finishing of the edges, please feel free to let us know.

Frequently asked questions about cutting materials to size

When it comes to sheets, tubes and rods that we cut to your exact specifications, we apply a tolerance of +/- 1 mm per saw cut. After cutting, we do not deburr the product as standard.

The edges of cut plastic sheets are fairly rough and there is often a saw-blade mark left on them. The sheets that we cut to size are not supplied deburred (hand-friendly) as standard.

We allow for around 5 mm cutting waste per saw cut on all plastic tubes, sheets or rods that we cut to size. 

To get a smooth, shiny finish on the edges, they can be polished. This produces the best results, and we would be happy to do this for you. It is also possible to laser cut the sheets to size. This automatically produces a smooth finish on the edge.

Pyrasied’s machinery

Format saws and CNC horizontal beam saws

Our Altendorf table saws (format saws) are mainly suited to small-scale cutting operations. An Altendorf saw allows you to cut a 45-degree mitre, for example. We can mill sheets that are thicker than 120 mm to size for you.

Vertical panel saws

We have four vertical panel saws that are normally used for cutting plastic sheets to size. Our vertical panel saws allow us to cut sheets measuring up to 3050 x 2050 mm down to 15 mm.

Nesting materials

Our computer-guided sawing machines use special nesting software. This allows us to manage the material sustainably and economically. The production process is fully automated: from the shop floor and programming to processing the material. We make sure we get as much as possible from a full sheet to minimize waste.

Fully automatic sawing machine

We have two fully automatic sawing machines. These saws are fully computer-guided and we can use them to machine materials to a high level of precision. We mainly use these machines for large production runs. A fully automatic sawing machine can be used to cut any material up to 120 mm thick and measuring up to 4000 x 2000 mm. These fully-automatic machines are also known as CNC (computerized numerical control) horizontal beam saws.


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