Polishing and sanding

We polish and sand plastics using machines as well as by hand. We do this entirely according to your requirements and specifications.
We polish and sand plastics using machines as well as by hand. We do this entirely according to your requirements and specifications.

Polish, polish and polish again

All of Pyrasied’s materials can be polished, but some are easier to polish than others. Some types of material are sensitive to heat, so it is always wise to check how warm the workpiece is getting. At Pyrasied, we can do both manual and machine polishing – either way, we do whatever is necessary to achieve perfect results.

Modern equipment

Pyrasied has an extensive collection of machinery capable of advanced manufacturing processes that allow us to polish with unparalleled precision. With our machinery, we can guarantee high-quality finishing of plastics. Every detail is processed with utmost care, allowing us to achieve the perfect shine and finish. Switching to hand polishing is no problem whatsoever for us, since we make every effort necessary to achieve a perfect result.

Highly polished professionals

At Pyrasied, we have a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in working with our materials and processing operations. They work passionately and with pride. Sometimes they gleam even more radiantly than our materials. With an eye for detail and a meticulous approach to every project, we are committed to completing every project to perfection.

Finishing quality

After sanding and polishing, no more scratches or imperfections can be seen on the material. We get the best polishing results when the material has been sanded to give it a matte finish beforehand. We always recommend sanding first. After the material has been polished, it undergoes a comprehensive quality inspection to guarantee the best result.

Introducing our machinery

At Pyrasied, we use premium polishing agents and advanced polishing machines. Diamond polishing is the ideal method for giving processed plastic parts a beautifully shiny finish without any loss of quality. This includes tasks such as polishing acrylic edges or putting the finishing touches to several thin sheets at the same time. Our diamond polishing cutter can polish sheets of up to 100 mm thick and 3050 mm long horizontally, with superb flatness, precision and speed.

If an extremely high-gloss finish is required, the material is hand-polished for the best result. Acrylic with a thickness exceeding 100 mm must always be polished by hand.

For polishing the edges of acrylic, we can also use a burner. However, the edges must sanded before we move on to flame polishing. At Pyrasied, we make sure that every processing operation is carried out so that the required finishing quality is achieved. You can trust our craftsmanship and expertise to get your plastic materials to shine as never before.

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