Plastic laser cutting

Professional laser cutting acrylic sheets

Laser cutting possibilities and capacity

Acrylic is perfect for laser cutting. A beam of finetuned invisible infrared 'light' cuts the acrylic with high speed and close tolerance. After lasering the edges are 'polished' high gloss.  We have 2 powerful high-quality CNC laser machines giving us a lot of lasercapacity. We can offer our customers a short lead time.

The maximum working range is 3050x2050mm up to a thickness of 30mm. Thicker sheets are milled to size.  Cast and extruded acrylic are the only materials we lasercut at PyraSied, all we need is an AutoCAD or Illustrator file. Other plastics are not or less suitable for lasering.


Laser cutting acrylic does cause some stress in the material. If you want to glue the sheets, use them in applications with solvents, perfumes, natural products, oils and lots of others, we strongly adice to anneal (remove the stress) in the oven. This is a service we offer. Also when you intend to use the lasered product for a very long time we strongly recommend to request this treatment. It significantly helps the acrylic to remain top quailty.


Plastic laser cutting
Plastic laser cutting

With our laser machines we can laser serial volumes easily and with a short lead time. PyraSied's machinery is equipped for large serial volumes. PyraSied offers the following laser options for professionals in the market:

  • Lasering acrylic light diffusers in special shapes such as discs, rings, ovals, circles, etc. for the light industry.
  • Lasering plastic parts suitable for interior construction
  • Lasering numbers, letters, logos, awards and other free shapes.
  • Laser engraving of, for example, texts, logos or images.
  • Laser pulsing of an optimized dot pattern for light guide plates.


Standard 'laser' sizes

PyraSied offers standard sheets sizes that are suitable for laser machines. These standard sizes are 400x600mm, 600x900mm and 600x1200mm. We are happy to supply large runs of material that we saw for you in the desired dimensions for your laser machine.


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