Plastic bending

Professional bending of acrylic and other plastics

Bending possibilities of PyraSied

We  offer oven bending in medium and smalll series and also for one-offls like counter and reception fronts. We have 2 ovens in our fabrication area. Ovenbending can be done at PyarSied using acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG for bending cabinets, frames, machine covers and various furniture. The maximum size that we bend is 2800mm wide x 1800mm deep x 800mm high.

A technique for high volume bending is line bending. In line bending, a sheet is heated locally above a straight filament. In this way, bends with a small radius are made.

Bending plastics is complex and has quite a lot limitations. We always have to know in detail your application and your expectations, like straightness of the bended material, the required optical quality and the acceptable tolerances. 

We do not offer two-axis bending and vacuumforming.



Plastic bending
Plastic bending

Bending molds

For oven bending, we use high-quality molds that we produce in-house. We only work with self-manufactured bending moulds. It is not possible to supply a mold yourself. The mold costs are calculated separately depending on the product to be produced. After use, the mold becomes the property of our customer. The mold is supplied with the curved product. This is useful for the future, because a mold can be used more often.


Cold bending

Acrylic and polycarbonate can both be cold bent. This is possible up to a radius of:

  • Cast acrylic: minimum radius is 230x the plate thickness
  • Extruded acrylic: minimum radius is 300x the plate thickness
  • Polycarbonate: minimum radius is 100x the plate thickness
  • For radii smaller than the minimum radius, we recommend warm bending. 

PyraSied performs only warm bending for her customers.


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