Versato® Myst

Versato® Myst

Design acrylic collection of mystical colours

Versato® Myst is subtle, mysterious and astonishingly beautiful in combination with light. The material absorbs the light, makes it diffuse and not diffuse at the same time. These 25 colours are unique and nowhere else available!  To create the mist effect, colourant and a small amount of nano-additive have been added.


The material is extremely colourfast, easy to maintain, excellent to process (drilling, lasering, milling, printing, glueing), lightweight and fully recyclable. The material is a thermoplastic and can therefore be softened with heat and then bent or vacuum formed.

Delivery program Versato® Myst

The Versato® Myst collection consists of 25 beautiful colours, of which we have 15 colours in stock in 8mm thick as standard. In our product datasheet, you can view our current stock program of the Myst collection. This material has a high-gloss finish with a semi-diffuse effect. This collection has a standard thickness of 8mm and can be ordered per full sheet of 3020x2030mm through our sales department. We can cut the full sheet to size if necessary. The remnants are included and cut into pieces because of shipment.