Dutch brand of solid surface sheet material

Solid Surface sheet material is made of mineral filler bonded in a polyester resin. Solid surface material is known for its excellent properties. This material is chemical resistant, non-flammable, food-safe, non-porous, anti-bacterial, and biologically neutral.


The surface of the Solid Surface sheets from Marlan® will be delivered as a semi-finished product with grain 280. This is sufficient for interior builders, because they often still fabricate the sheets into an end product. It is also possible to carry out an additional surface finishing with grain 500 for a surcharge of € 110 per sheet. The sheet is then delivered as a finished product. We recommend that you do this only if the sheet will no longer be fabricated at location.

Thickness and sheet size

Marlan® collections can be ordered in thicknesses of 6, 12, 18 and 24mm. You can choose from two sheet sizes, namely the large format 3670x1250mm and small format 3670x621mm. The 4 terrazzo colours can be ordered as a sheet, but also as a washbasin, shower floor or bath. Marlan® offers its materials in 68 standard colours and 30 shapes. In addition, any other desired colour is possible through the exclusive colour program.

Application possibilities

The moisture and abrasion resistant solid surface collection of Marlan® is very suitable as decorative sheet material for table tops, counter and bar fronts, kitchen tops, washbasin furniture, shower floor, wall coverings and other interior applications. The material is also food-safe and may therefore come into contact with food.

Fabrication possibilities

Marlan® Solid surface can be fabricated in the same way as hardwood. This material can be cut, milled and sanded. Solid Surface can also be glued seamlessly.