PyraSied is the official distributor of Durat® solid surface sheets for the Netherlands and Belgium

The core of Durat® Palace is the subtle, sparkling coloured flakes made from natural colour pigments. These colour pigments are produced in a Dutch colour factory founded in the 18th century and operating in an old windmill. This collection consists of 12 different terrazzo colour combinations and is solid surface sheet material. The Durat® Palace collection is completely designed by designers, for designers. The material is already seen as the future for eco-luxury! The minimum order quantity is 1 full sheet with the maximum sheet size of 2900x800mm up to a thickness of 20mm.


Durat® is durable, food-safe, UV stable and very easy to maintain. Durat® does not emit harmful chemical emissions and is suitable for various sustainable applications. It has been safely tested for food use and meets the criteria for M1 classifications of low emission construction products.

Stock Durat® Palace collection

PyraSied is the official Dutch distributor for this collection and can, therefore, deliver the material very quickly. This material is ordered on a project basis and applies a delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks depending on the scale of the project. The Palace collection of Durat® currently consists of 12 different colour combinations and is available in 12mm in the maximum sheet size of 2900x800mm. Samples can also be ordered for each colour from the collection. With the sample, you get a good impression of the tactility of the material and the available colours. The samples can be ordered through our webshop or via mail.

Placing an order

Interested in using this material for your project? Then you can contact our sales specialists via sales@pyrasied.nl. The minimum order quantity is one full sheet of 2900x800mm. Materials that cannot be ordered online, such as Durat®, are only intended for our business customers. Private individuals can contact Durat® directly for retailers.


The material is supplied without a polished surface as standard. This makes the surface somewhat duller and matt. Finishing is always required to achieve a beautiful, glossy, finished surface. The reason that Durat® is supplied without surface finish as standard, is because the material is often still fabricated on-site. Durat® has a silky surface after polishing, which means that the tactility is very soft and feels warm. The material is, therefore, suitable for kitchen tops, sanitary applications and bars and counters.

Application possibilities

The Durat® Palace collection has many different application possibilities. For example, the material is very suitable for table tops, desk- and bar fronts, kitchen worktops, wall coverings and other creative applications. Various examples of applications can be viewed on the Durat® website.

Fabrication possibilities

The Palace collection is solid surface material and can therefore easily be fabricated with standard woodworking machines. The fabrication possibilities are cutting, milling, drilling, polishing, sanding and bonding. The material can be fabricated by PyraSied, but can also be easily fabricated by yourself. Contact us for more information.