layered design sheets with beautiful colours or natural inlays. 

Surprising: after 14 years, producer 3Form is back at PyraSied! Superb plastics and unsurpassed marketing: 3Form is the superlative, no doubt neither necessary nor possible. “Leading manufacturer of award-winning sustainable materials and hardware solutions for the Architecture & Design industry”. It is clear how 3Form positions itself. In terms of the quality of their materials, this is certainly justified, 3Form materials are particularly good.

Chroma collection

Chroma is a collection of acrylic sheets with an applied translucent colour layer on the back of the sheet. Chroma is produced with beautiful colours that can be specified to create a huge range of hues, opacities and stunning effects. Chroma’s surface can be specified with a durable finish that can be easily refinished throughout its life. Chroma has excellent outdoor quality and is, therefore, suitable for use as signage and lighting, but also for indoor applications such as furniture or partition walls.

This collection can be easily illuminated from the edge and is therefore suitable for fixtures, for example. In addition, this material has good optical properties and a very high light transmission. Chroma is a rigid, stable and sturdy material, making it suitable for horizontal applications. Chroma is available in every colour from the 3Form colour portfolio.

The Varia collection

The Varia collection consists of moldable ecoresin sheets with an embedding. You can play endlessly with combinations of colour, texture and light. This material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Varia has layers that you can colour or leave clear. Then you can add patterns, colours and interlayers and watch your own unique vision come to life. Varia consists of a number of fixed designs, but it is possible to put together your own combination for your project.

The 3Form colour portfolio consists of 250 translucent colours that you can combine with different colour gradations and interlayers with patterns. Take a look at the 3Form site to discover what the possibilities are with Varia.

Varia is an award-winning 3form product and has the added benefit of being made from a specially formulated co-polyester resin that combines performance with environmental responsibility. Varia contains 40% pre-consumer recycled material without compromising aesthetics or overall physical properties, is compatible with one of the largest post-consumer recycle streams and is GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality Certified.

Koda XT collection

The Koda XT collection has been specially developed for outdoor applications, as it is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate with an applied colour layer. As a result, this collection offers design and quality. 3form Koda XT offers colour, durability and design freedom for the most extreme environments and applications. These panels deliver the best performance of all resin panels. Color, finish and translucency combined with endless design options, Koda XT is the perfect medium for exterior architectural applications.