PyraSied and the environment

PyraSied values people and the environment and we think this is very important. We would like to tell you more about our vision of plastics and the environment...

At PyraSied, we work with the most beautiful plastic there is, acrylic (also known as Plexiglas). Acrylic exists only 80 years, PyraSied nearly 40 years. The objects we have made back in the days are saved and are still in a good condition. There are some scratches on the material due to falling over or usage, but it is not yellowed, not cracked and not warped. If you take the characteristics of the material into account, you can use acrylic for over 100 years! Perhaps people will dig up original acrylic products from the first plastic era over 10,000 years. With the inscription: PyraSied2016. Plastics are great, the mankind might be less great …

Because when you’re talking about Performance Plastics (plastics such as acrylic that are deliberately developed for long-term function) or One-time-use plastics (for example, in the supermarket, and disposable after a single use), both plastics are in composition very stable with a long service life. It is therefore highly undesirable that these materials come into the environment through unintentionally human activity and then remain there for a long time. Still, this happens a lot. It is therefore very important that the plastics are always recycled and re-used.

What does PyraSied do and does not do when it comes to the environment?

  • First of all, we want to show everyone what plastics are intended for and what not.
  • We have an environmentally friendly alternative within the most popular material groups.
  • We work together with small manufacturers so we can easily produce customer-specific acrylic to produce exactly what is needed for a project
  • We sell residues to schools and fablabs for a small price or we use them as samples
  • That what is left (the residual waste) will be recycled completely
  • We take back used acrylic for recycling.
  • We have a growing stock of Greencast®, which is 100% recycled acrylic.
  • We advise customers, schools, universities and fablabs about how to use our materials, the characteristics, application possibilities and the environment
  • We intelligently pick up our materials region wise from our international suppliers in order to make as few kilometers as possible.
  • We have been generating our own solar energy since 2018 and our fourth and largest warehouse is all electric.